Main Menu

Main menu

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Main menu doesn't really need a page guide, but is the the main hub of comPLAY and here you take the fist of the 3 clicks you need to perform everything so let's take a look...

A tipical main menu

Let's divide the window in 5 parts, and analyze them in counter-clockwise order:

Main platforms - Left menu

Here you can manage each platform you play on (and that comPLAY can manage, off course).

You can enable them from Edit settings menu, that is always accessible clicking on the last button.

Profile - Left-Bottom corner

Current profile and machine name will be always displayed here.

You can access profile selection clicking on the profile name itself

Click it if you want to do some kind of operations on profile itself (like profile rename/deleting). To change PC name take a look here.

Warnings - Bottom part

You can't see anything here? Better for your.

There is something aside the "!" sign? Yes?

Well, check the SWITCH section for more help. Please read it carefully

Advanced features - Right-Bottom corner

Here you can find each aiding function performed by comPLAY.

You can CLICK each button to open its relative menu.

Also icon can can be colored if its related function has been used (manually or not) since you did the login.

To find more precise info, check each help page: