MIRROR Function

Estimated reading time: it save countless hours of gaming! So don't waste time here, read it!


Now that you are a PRO backupper you are (surely) interrogating yourself: ok, I've done backups of all my savegames...

...but there's a voice inside that raise some questions...

...unanswered questions.

Some of them are:

  • But backups... are on my comPLAY Storage on my local disk! What happen if my cousin (after a cool bowling night) decide to play with my pc while I'm sleeping and, obliviously, it decide to explode in thousand of pieces, and catch fire? (The PC. Not the cousin).

  • I have a big powerful PC but because [REASONS] I play a lot on my little laptop. How can I sync savegames? My shitty laptop doesn't have a lot of space on disk, so I don't want to sync ALL games, but only the ones I'm actually playing!

  • I want an external device that contain all my most recent progress! What can I do?

  • I have a fantasmagorical FAST internet connection. Can I syncronize my savegame using one of my favourite cloud provider?

  • I have a fantasmagorical SLOW crappy internet connection. With data cap. On certain days I'm so unlucky that it working... slow. When I'm lucky it doesn't even work, so I can rapidly change my mind and do something else. How can I save and sync my data without an internet connection, but without having to waste time?

The answer to all these question is the same: use the MIRROR function!

Access MIRROR menu

You have already read this, so I don't have to explain it again, no?

After you access the MIRROR menu you can find, on your right, all your comPLAY Storage folders tied to your profile. This is important to understand!

On the bottom you can find the local comPLAY Storage you set during the profile creation phase.

On the top you can find all the MIRROR comPLAY Storage locations you added.

On the left you can find options to interact with them:

  • Create a new MIRROR
  • Add an already esistent MIRROR
  • Refresh MIRROR availability

How MIRROR idea works

What is, sintetically, a MIRROR?

Its simply an external comPLAY Storage synched with your local comPLAY Storage.

So why is a called a MIRROR?

Because its working exactly like a mirror: what is reflecting depends on how big it is and what you want to see through it :)

Manage MIRRORs

Before starting to sync local storage and MIRROR storages you have to ADD some MIRROR to the list


Chose in what situation you are and you will find the appropiate answer:

  • I never created the MIRROR -> In that case press 'Initialize a MIRROR'

  • I already created the MIRROR. I only want to tell comPLAY that it exist -> In that case press 'Add an existing MIRROR'

In both case, tell comPLAY where is located/where you want to create your MIRROR and...you are done!

Delete a MIRROR

You can delete a MIRROR selecting it and pressing RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON. Easy peasy.

Refresh MIRROR status

Can happen that a MIRROR can't be available when doing various action, but is not a problem...

When seeing the MIRROR screen, each 'box' will tell if a MIRROR is tecnically reachable.

Why it shoudn't be?

Well, if you forgot to connect your external hard drive, your smartphone or your USB Flashdrive, you can se an 'offline' red status on the MIRROR itself. Than, when performing any action, comPLAY will simply ignoring it!

Press the Refresh button on the left side to check again availability of all MIRRORs.

Type of MIRRORs

When you add a MIRROR, comPLAY will automatically understand what kind of mirror it is, and will display its 'box' with the right icons that reflect one of these types:

  • CLOUD - Can be one of the supported clouds provider, for now only Dropbox.

  • STORAGE - Is an external HD or, similar, a storage where saving space isn't the top priority

  • MOBILE - Is a storage space where comPLAY will try to not fill with rarely used savegames or extra materials like screenshot.

Upstream & Downstream

You have created one or more MIRROR and you can actually see them on top part of the screen.

Now: how you can sync your savegames between local storage and MIRROR storages?

Using the Downstream and Upstream buttons!


Downstream do a very simple operation: copy new backups from all MIRROR(s) Storage Folder to Local comPLAY Storage.

This mean that if any/all of your MIRRORs has new backups, they will be copied to your local comPLAY Storage and you can easily restore them from the Restore backup menu!

Very important: If you have some MIRRORs set up on your profile, a Downstream will be automatically launched every time you login, so you are always sure that (if all MIRRORs are connected!) you can have the most recent progress on your system.

Watch out: only backups that exist in MIRRORs Storages but not in Local one will be copied!

What you mean?

Than Downstream will NEVER delete any savegames on Local Storage directory. This is a safe measure: check below to understand why.


Upstream has a very simple function: it copy new savegames from Local Storage to all MIRROR Storage folders

If you have played and you did some backup, press this button and comPLAY will sync them on all MIRROR storages.

Watch out: only backups that exist in Local Storage but not in MIRROR(s) will be copied

What you mean?

Than Upstream will NEVER delete any savegames on your MIRRORs directory. This is a safe measure: if Local and MIRRORs storages are in sync, and you go crazy and you delete all your backups from Local and you do an Upstream, comPLAY simply doesn't copy anything because there aren't any new backups to sync, and you will retain all your data on MIRRORs locations.

This mean that...I can't really delete any savegame I don't need anymore

Not exactly: that's why Hard Upstream exist!

Hard Upstream

Both Downstream and Upstream NEVER delete any savegames.

They simply limit themself to copy (from Local to MIRRORs, or viceversa) backups that doesn't exist on the other side.

But If I want to sync Local and MIRRORs Storages, forcing file deletion?

or you can read the same question in this way:

But if I want to delete some backups for old games I don't really need anymore? Doing Upsteam/Downstream will copy them on the other side once again! How can I do some 'spring cleaning'?

Using Hard Upstream.

What is doing Hard Upstream?

It does a (probably) destructive operation: it makes MIRRORs storages a PERFECT COPY of the Local comPLAY Storage folder.

This mean that, after finishing it, MIRRORs will contain the SAME data that local comPLAY Storage has. Basically: a perfect clone of your local storage.

I don't understand perfectly: why is destructive?

Because he doesn't care that most recent savegames are in one of the MIRRORs location: it simply clone a local storage into each MIRRORs locations, deleting every files that doesn't exist also in the local one.

Check the example below to understand it in a pratical way.

Examples - Use MIRRORs in a creative way

These examples are the solution of the problems I've illustrated at the beginning of the chapter.

External backup of my savedata

GOAL: Avoid data loss caused by cousin's Feng-Shui

HOW: Add a MIRROR that point to an external HD, and add another MIRROR that point to your Dropbox storage folder

A more tecnical HOW:

  • Open the MIRROR menu
  • Create a new MIRROR on your external hard drive -> Select your external drive like D:\ or E:\
  • Install the Dropbox client and create an account
  • Create a new MIRROR, but this time put the folder inside the Dropbox syncronized folder. comPLAY will recognize automatically that is a CLOUD MIRROR.
  • Now all is setup properly.
  • Remember to do Upstream when you want to sync your backups!

Now, when your PC catch fire, you can either:

  • Run out of the room screaming in fear, because you have your cloud backup on Dropbox
  • Damn your cousin, take the external hard disk and run away, because you have your backups on Dropbox, and also you have your local ones on the Hard Drive!

When you will buy another PC, you can simply do the same steps you done above. When you finished just press Downstream and there you go: all your backups are ready for restoring, on your local disk!

Sync your savedata across more PCs

GOAL: Sync your [COOL GAME] progress across your gaming laptop and your desktop computer

HOW: Install comPLAY on both PCs, create a profile with the same name on both machines, add on both PCs the same MIRROR (your cloud or an external usb drive?) then enjoy

A more tecnical HOW:

Sync your progress across a poor laptop and a Desktop PC

GOAL: Sync your Solitaire progress across your poor laptop and your desktop computer

HOW: Same step as previous example, just a little variant

A more tecnical HOW:

  • Follow the step done in the previous example BUT before doing any Downstream...
  • ...on your little laptop go to Quick preferences and set your Memory to the lowest possible. Is a 5 seconds job, if you are quick
  • Than PIN your Solitaire game (or the ones you want to play on your laptop)
  • ???
  • Do Downstream
  • Profit!

When downstreaming, you will find ONLY savegames of your PINNED games. Your several GBs of The Witcher 2 or Arma 3 savegames will not be downloaded on your local machine.

Ok: now your laptop doesn't contain ALL your data but ehi: you can't get always what you want!

I want to continue my game at my friend's home!

My internet connection is on vacation !

Isn't important if is only a temporary or a definitive breakup. The most important things is that you have downloaded comPLAY!

GOAL: Sync your Solitaire progress across your poor laptop and your desktop computer

HOW: Use comPLAY...like you normally would. Use an 'external storage' of any kind.

A more tecnical HOW:

Well, there isn't a lot to say on this, but its just a prompt on what you can do using comPLAY.

If you sync your savegames using any cloud solutions and, suddently, you can't access it anymore, just "fallback" to a local storage solution.

Create a MIRROR that point to an external devices like an USB Flashdrive, add it on your machines and simply...use Upstream and Downstream like you normally would.

You are then certain sure that you have the latest backups on your Flashdrive.